2024 March 11 - 15
From 17:00 to 18:30 CET

IGLUS online action-learning certificate

Ports in cities – the governance challenge

March 11-15, 2024, 17:00-18:30 each day


Ports are essential elements of the global supply chain. They connect this supply chain to the “hinterland” which may reach beyond the national territory. Raw materials and goods produced from the hinterland are exported through the port, while raw materials and goods from abroad are imported through a port. Ports are typically connected to their hinterland by way of roads and rail. With global trade growing and cargo ships becoming bigger, ports have to be expanded, sometimes at the expense of natural areas, if space remains. Yet, oftentimes ports are already located in urban areas, and, with growing urbanization, have become part of cities. While they benefit mostly the hinterland, they create jobs and economic in the metropolitan areas in which they are located, yet also generate nuisances for the cities and their inhabitants in the form of noise, pollution, and negative social effects. 


The challenge therefore is how to govern ports in cities in a way that is satisfactory to all  stakeholders. And stakeholders there are many ranging from the port authorities, port owners, port operators, city governments, national governments, shippers, and inhabitants of the adjacent urban areas, to name just the most important ones. In this online course, we will identify the challenges of governing ports in cities and metropolitan areas and discuss more or less successful ways of addressing these challenges. 


Our online action-learning certificate courses follow a unique pedagogical approach: a small group of 30 professionals already somewhat familiar with the issues of port-cities will be exposed to short input presentations (30 minutes) from the relevant stakeholders of five particularly interesting “port cities” to learn from in Europe, the United States, Latin America, India and Southeast Asia. After which there will be a moderated discussion among the lecturers and the participants (60 minutes). This is a unique opportunity to learn from and exchange with experts who experience and critically reflect upon the governance of port-cities firsthand.


This intensive five-day online action-learning course – Monday March 11th to Friday March 15th, 2024 – is jointly organized by IGLUS (iglus.org) and association of port cities/city ports and will take place via zoom each of these five days between 17:00 and 18:30 CET. It will be accompanied and moderated by IGLUS founder and director Prof. Matthias Finger. The costs of participating this 7 and a half hour active learning experience amount to 200 USD and will lead to an IGLUS certificate. 


Session 1:         Introduction into the course by Prof. Matthias Finger, IGLUS director (30’)

The case of Veracruz (30’): the challenges of extraterritorial development (lecturer from Veracruz)

Moderated discussion with the lecturer and the participants (30’)


Session 2:         The case of Singapore (30’): ports competition and government support (lecturer from Singapore)

Moderated discussion between the lecturers from Singapore and Veracruz (30’)

Moderated discussion with the lecturers and the participants (30’)


Session 3:        The case of Rotterdam (30’): ensuring connectivity with the (German) hinterland (lecturer from Rotterdam)

Moderated discussion between the lecturers of Rotterdam and Singapore (30’)

Moderated discussion with the lecturers and the participants (30’)


Session 4:         The case of New York / New Jersey (30’): power and legitimacy of a port authority (lecturer from NY/NJ)
Moderated discussion between the lecturers from NY/NJ and Rotterdam (30’)

Moderated discussion with the participants


Session 5:         Synthesis and conclusion by Prof. Matthias Finger (30’): governing ports in cities

Moderated discussion with all 4 lecturers (30’)

Moderated discussion with the participants (30’)

$200 USD

Available: 29