2024 February 7 - 10
Wednesday to Saturday

IGLUS Action-Learning Experience in Mexico City

February 07-10, 2024


With its 22 million inhabitants, Mexico City is among the world’s main megacities and the most populous city in North America. Yet, it is itself part of an ever-greater Megalopolis of 35 million inhabitants which over 5 federal states and constitutes a quarter of Mexico’s population and generates about the same proportion of the country’s GDP. Another defining feature of Mexico City is its geographical location at an altitude of 2,200 meters, in an endorheic basin that in pre-Hispanic times formed Lake Texcoco; in addition to being in a volcanic area and in a territory prone to earthquakes. Also, the history of the city has to be mentioned which started in 1325 AD as Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec empire.


This demographic and economic growth and geographical expansion of the city has mainly happened over the past 60 years with all the challenges that come with it. Today, Mexico City is a typical metropolis of an emerging country with similar problems, notably transportation, housing, and water to name only the most pressing ones. Addressing these problems is compounded by urban sprawl, pollution, social inequity and governance (jurisdictional) issues. The main challenge of Mexico City as a metropolitan area and as a megalopolis is simply not to become overwhelmed by these problems and issues, so as to continue to be able to remain attractive to peoples and business.


During this Action-Learning Experience, a group of maximum 30 IGLUS participants will be exposed to the three main problems – transport, housing, and water – as faced by Mexico City, as well as to the ways by which the authorities, business, and civil society are dealing with them and addressing them, within the larger context of pollution, social inequality, and jurisdictional constraints. This IGLUS Action Learning Experience is a unique opportunity to learn firsthand and get to know the main actors involved in Mexico City’s governance of its problems and challenges.


This intensive four-day action-learning experience – February Wednesday 7th to saturday 10th, ending with a good-bye dinner – is jointly organized by IGLUS (iglus.org) and Tecnologico de Monterrey (TEC) and will take place at TEC’s Mexico City Campus, south of the city. It is comprised of lectures by knowledgeable local experts in the areas of transport, housing, green-blue infrastructures, waste management and urban governance (mornings) and field visits illustrating the issues (afternoons). There is also ample opportunity to discuss these issues with various stakeholders. Participants are professionals from all over the world dealing with similar challenges in their respective cities. The entire four-day action learning experience will be accompanied and moderated by IGLUS founder and director Prof. Matthias Finger.


The costs for this four-day action learning experience in Mexico City amounts to 500 USD. This does NOT include travel and lodging, which has to be organized by each participant on his/her own. 

$250 USD

Available: 16